We are here to make your home a true reflection of the life you want. Creating space for everyday events as they happen, making it comfortable and pretty when company comes over, or just because. Our products have been made with beauty in mind; from luxurious fragrances that will leave an impression on everyone who enters through those doors to beautiful candles that light up any room's ambiance like no other could.

We are passionate about designing the most beautiful and functional candles on the market, with a focus on providing the maximum therapeutic benefits.

Aubert & Amandine candles are the perfect way to indulge in a relaxing moment. Our highly concentrated fragrance formula of aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances quickly delivers the aromatic experience you crave, so that your space is constantly filled with positive vibes!

Our candles are made with high quality, all natural ingredients of soy wax and cotton wicks. This means your candle burns cleaner and more evenly than those that use petroleum products or hollow core waxes.

We want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to burning our candles. We believe strongly that while using these higher quality materials will produce better performance for any environment, they also provide an unmatched fragrance as well as superior burn time!

Aubert & Amandine is owned by Pinnacle Americas, Inc., DBA Pinnacle Brands.