Can Candles Relieve Stress?

by Sherry Perez on December 04, 2018
One of the most effortless, yet effective ways to relieve stress is by using aromatherapy. Exposing your senses to strong smelling chemicals such as essential oils can positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry, and stress levels. 

Although aromatherapy is considered a form of alternative medicine, studies have shown that certain scents can help people relax, as they have calming properties. It’s amazing to think that something as simple as a scent can have that big of an effect on the human body, but it’s true.

Aromatherapy, in the form of calming scents for stress, works by targeting the scent receptors in your brain. You breathe in the scent, for example, from a stress relief candle, and the molecules in the scent go in through your nose, which triggers the parts of the brain responsible for calming you down. The effect is practically immediate and completely painless, with no side effects. You’ll just feel that much calmer!

Traditional aromatherapy consists of one thing – essential oils. These oils are sometimes blended to make combinations with additional healing powers, or they are used individually. Essential oils come from the plants themselves. They are distilled and extracted from various parts of the original plants, such as the seeds, roots, stems, leaves, and blossoms. Exactly which parts are used depends on the plant.

Sometimes lighting a candle and breathing its scent deeply is enough to relieve your stress. However, other times might require something a little more dramatic. Try sitting down, removing your shoes, leaning back, and closing your eyes. Focus on nothing but the scent thrown from your stress relief candle. You’ll feel yourself calm down quickly.

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