What Makes a Luxury Candle So Luxurious?

by Sherry Perez on January 04, 2019
With stylish designs and awe-inspiring scents, luxury candles have been a staple in homes around the globe for decades. Not only are they must-have accessories for modern home décor, but they also show off the discerning taste of their owner.

But have you ever wondered what makes a luxury candle so luxurious?

If so, you aren't alone! While the amazing scents are definitely part of the equation, there are some other factors that make luxury candles stand out from the crowd. Learn exactly what makes these candles so special here.

The Luxurious Lingering Scent
While there are several factors that can impact how long a candle's scent lasts, there are some general numbers you can go by when it comes to traditional, regular-quality options.

When it comes to luxury candles, you can have a great scent that lasts for the full burn time of the candle. This definitely helps you get your money's worth.

The Price
If you want quality, you have to pay for it. This is true for everything -- from cars to candles. However, while luxury candles cost more, the value is provided by how long they last and the fact that they smell great until the very end.

Superior Materials
High-end, luxury candles boast products that are safe for the environment. For starters, you can expect paraffin-free wax that is hand-poured. The candle containers also stand out among mass-produced varieties.

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