Study Reveals: Aromatherapy Candles Can Combat Daily Stress

by Sherry Perez on August 07, 2019

Research has shown that scents play a big role in how the brain functions — and how you ultimately feel.

For some people, luxe pampering means an ultra-soft cashmere blanket. For others, it's a chilled bottle of champagne, but according to study the soothing combination of flickering candlelight and aromatic scents is a perfect ingredient for me-time and combating daily stress, while also creating a lovely backdrop for social evenings.

And these gorgeous creations of wax and glass work as powerful holistic treatments as you breathe in the scented air, so they can really do no wrong in my book.

Here re the 6 aromatherapy candle scents that science proves might improve your mood.

1. Lavander and VanillaLift yourself up (or dial things down) with lavenderContrary to popular belief, lavender is not sedating but balancing. If there is too much energy lavender will help calm, but if you need a small boost, it can be used for increasing energy.

2. Ylang - YlangYlang Ylang (pronounced EEE-lang EEE-lang) is often mentioned as being helpful with stress and anxiety. Use it to set your mood on happiness, gratitude and celebration.

3. Bergamot - Let your cares melt away, like an ocean breeze. The refreshing clean fragrance of bergamot has been shown to have a lifting effect, so it can stimulate uplifting thoughts and feelings and improve energy levels.

4. Sage & PeppermintClinical studies support the benefits of peppermint oil on breathing and exercise performance. Try lighting this candle before your next workout session.

5. Sandalwood & JasmineJasmine has been shown to have a sedating effect, so it can help reduce anxiety and tension. Sandalwood relaxes and soothes the mind, the Jasmine brings clarity.

6. Lilac - Renew your mind and ward off the blues. Let the soothing fragrance of lilacs take you to a place of relaxation.  Often described as a symbol of first love and innocence, lilac is also associated with Easter, as it blooms during this time of the year.




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