Monday Mood

by Sherry Perez on February 04, 2019


I think a majority of people can actually relate to "Monday Blues". I always think that Monday has a reputation problem. Regardless of how much you love your work, the transition of having a good relaxing weekend back to 5 toxic weekdays is just... unimaginable. But as a responsible adult (especially if you have a lot of bills piling up) we have no choice but to embrace adulting. But the good thing is that there are small ways to make a Monday mood better, or at least more bearable.

1. Programming Your Mind at Night - Start your tomorrow tonight. Program your subconscious every evening before going to bed. Put goodness into your subconscious so it bakes in overnight. The worst thing you can do to yourself is going to sleep worried, stressed, or while negative thoughts circulate within your head.

2. Good Music - Music often makes us want to move, inspiring us to dance or exercise. This helps release endorphins and serotonin in the brain, so we feel better and adopt a naturally more positive outlook. Combining music with movement is a potent way to improve your mood with the potential for long-lasting effects.

3. Journal - Write it down. Your goals - short term goals or long terms goals is one good way to motivate us.

4. Scents - Nothing beats a good aromatherapy candle. It can instantly lift your mood and spirits. Just imagine.. cozy Sunday night, with good music in the background while writing on your journal plus a good aroma scent; I'll recommend CALM by Aubert & Amandine as it has a unique blend of warmth and sensuality,
musky romantic scent that so natural and soothing room filling scent.

That's it! Simple as that, you're ready to rock your Monday! Remember, what people like about Fridays is the anticipation of the weekend. It's having something to look forward to that gives people a boost when they head to work. You can use the same principle for Monday and plan on a reward for starting your week.


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