In the Mood for Love

by Brandi Moody on January 27, 2020

In the Mood for Love: Valentine's Day Candles

Valentine's Day is upon us and with that comes time to choose a scent to set the mood for love wherever you choose to celebrate this special day. When you’re looking for that special Valentine’s day gift for someone, giving a candle is always a romantic gesture, but also lighting one to fill the room with romantic fragrances will get any Valentine’s celebration off to a good start.  

Romantic Candle Scents

Ylang Ylang is a scent derived from the Cananga Odorata tree commonly found in Southeast Asia. Meaning “flowers of flowers,” the floral aromas emitted from our soy aromatherapy candle is known to disinhibit and sensualize those around it as well as enhance self-esteem, and promote euphoria and optimism. 

Romantic Scents

Jasmine is another floral scent that is well-known for its aphrodisiac qualities and known for being a popular scent for weddings and in hotel rooms. Thinking of making this Valentine’s Day extra special and popping the question? This scent could set the mood just right. 

Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

The delightful combination of sandalwood and jasmine not only makes for a great gift but combines two oils that are beneficial to your partner’s well-being. Sandalwood is proven to increase alertness and decrease anxiety, putting your loved one in a great mindset. Put bluntly, when you’re partner is happy, alert and more relaxed, your relationship thrives and evolves. As mentioned above, jasmine is a popular scent that doubles as an aphrodisiac. Combined, a sandalwood and jasmine candle is a gift that improves on your partner’s life in a number of ways. In addition to these wellness benefits, the candle adds a design accent to any room and doubles as both a decorative piece and calming aid. 

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

What to get the man who thinks he has everything? A candle! There are more scents like sandalwood that tend to be more masculine and set a mood that is filled with a more manly vibe. Think dark woods and brown spirits over ice, a warm fire, and a cozy partner. This valentine's day, make him feel special with a scent that evokes a mood filled with his inner man's man. 

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