Aubert & Amandine for Mother's Day

by Sherry Perez on May 03, 2019

There's a lot of pressure on us all when it comes to. You want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly utilitarian. It should also have a sentimental spin. But overthinking it only makes the whole process harder. So don't!

Even if you’re planning to take mom to brunch this year on Mother’s Day, this new line of Aubert & Amandine Candles will allow her to enjoy the smells of a decadent brunch spread all year round. The collection includes four amazing brunch-inspired scents like Lavender Vanilla, Sandalwood Jasmine, & Cinnamon Apple.

Aubert & Amandine candles contain a generous amount of aromatherapy oils and a sleek design. They are a perfect choice to fragrance a larger room in the most discerning home. Try ‘COMFORT to create a warm atmosphere when you entertain with its inviting scents of apple and cinnamon. ‘CALM’ is a wonderful candle to let serenity take over and envelop you in luxury. ‘RELAX’ is the choice stress relief candle for kicking back with a low-stress mood.

We only use soy wax; Aubert & Amandine candles are free from all (petroleum-based) paraffin products and additives. With natural fiber wicks, they burn evenly filling your space with the luxurious fragrance.




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