6 Bright Ways to Take Care of Your Scented Candles

by Sherry Perez on August 05, 2019
Here are 6 bright ways to take care of your favorite scented candle.

1.  Cut the Wick on the First Light and After Every Light
Experts share that always make sure that your wick is ⅛ inches when you light your scented candle. While you might be excited to light that candle right after buying it, trim the wick first, this ensures you an even burning throughout so your scented candle won’t have potholes in them. Also, make sure that the wick is in the middle when you light it so the rest of the candle melts evenly.

2.  Let your Candle Burn (Thoroughly)
We cannot express how important this is, especially on the first time you light your candle. Leave the candlelit until the wax has evenly melted from the wick to the edge of the candle to avoid making potholes or more commonly known as “memory circles”.

3. Don’t Let the Light Burn Too High
Don’t let the fire of your scented candle burn too high, this will give your candle an uneven burning and will leave your candle holder black with dust.

4. Don’t Burn Out Your Candle
Candles should only be burnt for 4 hours, blown out, left to rest for 2 hours then re-lit again. Letting your candles burn overnight is not advisable because it can start a fire.

5. Place It Properly
Don’t put your scented candle near the window or the AC, this will cause an uneven burn on the surface of your candle leading to more potholes.

6. Use a Snuffer
Everyone gets excited when turning off a candle, it brings us back to memories but blowing out your candles creates soot, that smokey scent after you’ve blown the candle. To prevent this, extinguish the candle by an open window or in your balcony, or use a snuffer. You can also turn off the light by using a non-flammable stick, dipping it in the melted wax and put it against the wick.


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